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Cambridge IGCSE Homeschooling Online Schools for Private Candidate

Some Cambridge IGCSE online course providers are registered Cambridge International Schools offering selected Cambridge courses online.

Registered Cambridge IGCSE Homeschooling Online Schools offering selected Cambridge courses online

Entries for IGCSE exams though is to be done through physical schools

While IGCSE courses can be studied online through online virtual schools, however, it is important to know that entries for IGCSE Exams or Cambridge examinations can only be made through registered Cambridge schools with an approved venue. It is suggested to ensure that you have identified a local school which accept private candidates before registering to study through online cambridge homeschooling course providers.
List of Cambridge schools who accept IGCSE private candidate in India and can support home schooling candidates in appearing for IGCSE board exams through IGCSE homeschooling online or offline.

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