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British Online Schooling Academy (BOS Academy)

Website / Link : boshomeschooling.com
Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : +44 (0) 20 3925 7264  | 

British Online Schooling Academy also known BOS Academy is a UK based private online academy supporting home education or homeschooling online.

BOS Academy is UK based Muslim faith school, but also includes and provides home-education to children from all faiths as well as international homeschool students from all over the world, through its home education courses online.

Affiliation, Curriculum and Courses at BOS

  • BOS Academy is Cambridge affiliated and approved to offer Cambridge International curriculum courses online.
  • Classes happen for grades starting from reception / early years to secondary school level and IGCSE certification.
  • School starts in September and ends in June
  • GCSE / IGCSE certificate is availed after assessment exams at Cambridge CAIE authorized centers as private candidates.

Methods and Pedagogy at British Online School Academy

Interactive live teaching class sessions happen in small groups online. Lessons are also recorded, and if needed then can be accessed for home-study through Learning Management System.

Teaching pedagogy at BOS is inspired by the Finnish education system, as well as 'Constructivist Theories of Education' by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget.

  • BOS online school was founded in May 2019.
  • It is said that most teachers are based in and qualified from UK institutes, and there are some international teachers too.

Author : Muzaffar Shaikh (Chief Editor, associated with alternative education, open schooling, and homeschooling since 2009)
Last updated : 27 May 2023

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