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Co-Hum Learning Center Pune by Conscious Human Education Foundation for Open and Community Learning

Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : 080079 99167  | 
Address : Kothrud, Pune, India, Maharashtra

Co-Hum (Conscious Human Education Foundation) is a community of parents and children, which has started from Kothrud in Pune, for Community Learning of children through Open Education

Children and parents learn together driven by self-interests, they support each other and thrive.

Co-Hum is not confined to any specific pre-determined curriculum or exams.
Instead, the children move freely, choose subjects based on their interests, develop curriculum, and do self-assessments too.
Freedom as well as responsibility emerge naturally from such a process.

Parents assist and support children in this journey, and they continue their own learning and evolution while being and getting connected to others in the surroundings.

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