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Dola Dasgupta - Long time Indian Unschooling parent from Pune India

Email : [email protected]  | 
Address : Baner, Pune. India

Dola Dasgupta is a long time indian unschooling parent from Pune India. Dola started unschooling when her older child was six and younger one was two; who are 21 and 16 now (in 2022).

Dola Dasgupta has been major contributing support to Indian homeschoolers community. Over the years Dola has been part of numerous forums and platforms; speaking, writing, sharing about without school living, unschooling and homeschooling, and supporting other parents who wanted to embark on homeschooling / unschooling journey.

Dola had media interviews, written blog posts and magazine articles on unschooling. She has conducted listening circles and sessions on the themes of parenting, unschooling and self awareness.

Dola is also a storyteller and facilitator. Dola has been offering unschooling cohorts 'Unschooling Hangouts with Dola Dasgupta' for parents who are considering / exploring unschooling or want to deepen their journey of unschooling.

Dola also has been offering support to families having children / members with special needs.

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