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GoSchool Online School for A Level, GCSE

Website / Link : go-school.in
Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : +919179469179  | 

GoSchool is mentioned as a Secondary and Advanced Level Online School for 9th to 12th grade, having Person Edexcel curriculum schooling.

Courses, Curriculum, Grades and Admissions

In 2023 GoSchool is accepting admissions for Person Edexcel A Level (11th and 12th grade) course.
A secondary GCSE (General Certificates of Secondary Education) course program (for 9th and 10th grade) is also there, but admissions are yet to open for this course.

Learning Environment and Processes

  • There are supposed to be live sessions as well as recorded sessions and content for instructions.
  • Peer as well as personalized learning is expected to be facilitated.
  • Assistance of analytics system is supposed to be used for assessment and feedback about the progress and needs for the child
  • In-person engagements for students through on-campus visits are also proposed.
  • There is provision for marketable skill development and live virtual internships through partnership with iXperience.

Organization and People

GoSchool has been referred as a venture of Catamount Education Private Limited

Hywel Bennett is mentioned as the academic director of the virtual Go School.
LinkedIn Profile of Hywel Bennett

Advisory Board

  • Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil (Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group)
  • Lon McDaniel (Retired Americal Principal)
  • Michael Thompson
  • Nicola Weaver

Notes : We are yet to figure if the official name is GoSchool or Go School as both these have been used in the website of the school.

Author : Muzaffar Shaikh (Chief Editor, associated with alternative education, open schooling, and homeschool in India)
Last updated : 26 May 2023

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