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Muzaffar Shaikh, Pune India. Author & Creator.

Website / Link : muzaffarshaikh.com
Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : 9822860223  | 
Address : NIBM Road, Pune India - 411048

Muzaffar Shaikh is homeschooling more specifically unschooling parent from Pune, India. Muzaffar is the primary editor, author, developer and promoter of alternative open school and homeschooling resources site withoutschool.org

Association with alternative education and homeschool community of India

Muzaffar for more than a decade has been associated with alternative education / unschooling / homeschooling communities in India and many homeschooling and unschooling groups in Pune and in India.
Past and present associations include association with

  • Swashikshan - Indian Association of Homeschoolers
  • Homeschooling India FB Group
  • Unschooling in India FB Group
  • Pune Homeschoolers
  • WithoutSchool.org

Engagements in Social Emotional Wellbeing

Muzaffar is also involved in the domain of emotional wellbeing and associated explorations and research.

Through Center for Compassionate Coexistence, Muzaffar offers

  • One-on-one consulting and training
  • On demand workshops in organizations, institutes, homes for training and exploration of,
    - Consciousness of Compassionate Communication
    - Relating in self, interpersonal relationships and groups
  • Facilitating needed listening / understanding, consulting
  • Facilitating to be aware of more choices and skills
  • Practicing for internalization and integration of mindful responses and choices

Author : Me, Muzaffar Shaikh, Chief Editor and promoter of WithoutSchool.org

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