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Aarohi Open Learning Community Videos YouTube Channel

Aarohi Open Learning Community Videos YouTube Channel. Contains videos from Saturday Open Learning meet-ups and Webinars by Aarohi. .. more details

Azmat Ansari - Facilitator for Homeschooling in Kolkata

Azmat Ansari is tutor and facilitator for Homeschooling in Kolkata, India. Assists homeschool children prepare for NIOS and IGCSE open school certificate exams. .. more details

British Online Schooling Academy (BOS Academy) for Cambridge Homeschooling

UK based Muslim faith online school (includes all faiths and international homeschool students too) offering Cambridge International approved online courses from early years to secondary / IGCSE. .. more details
boshomeschooling.comEmail : [email protected]Contact : +44 (0) 20 3925 7264

Thames British Online School

Thames British Online School provide international online schooling with Cambridge International curriculum course for IGCSE and A-Level. .. more details
thamesbritishschool.onlineEmail : [email protected]Contact : +44 33 0001 0585

India Homeschoolers FB Group of Swashikshan

Swashikshan India private FB group of practicing homeschooling parents in India. .. more details

Aarohi's WhatsApp discussion group for families interested in Open Learning, Home Schooling & Unschooling

Aarohi's WhatsApp discussion group for families interested in Open Learning, Home Schooling & Unschooling .. more details
wa.me > 917204066694Contact : 917204066694

Co-Hum Learning Center Pune by Conscious Human Education Foundation for Open and Community Learning

Community & Learning Space started from Kothrud Pune, for Open Community Learning. .. more details
Address : Kothrud, Pune, India, Maharashtra
facebook > cohumlearningEmail : [email protected]Contact : 080079 99167

Southern Homeschoolers WhatsApp group

Southern Homeschoolers WhatsApp group for India Home Schoolers in South. Most members are from homeschooling families in Tamilnadu. .. more details

Pune Homeschoolers Gathering at YMCA Pune on 1st July 2022

Pune Homeschoolers Gathering at YMCA Pune on 1st July 2022 from 10AM-6PM for families practicing and exploring homeschooling. .. more details
Address : YMCA, Quarter Gate, Nana Peth, Pune
Contact : 9953684264 / 9422330377

Dreamtime Learning School Online Cambridge | Pearson School

Online school in India affiliated with top international curriculum, assessment and qualification providing boards Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Pearson UK. .. more details
Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400050
dreamtimelearningschool.comContact : +917045457777

GoSchool Online School for A Level, GCSE Pearson Edexcel Curriculum

GoSchool is being mentioned as a Secondary and Advanced Level Online School for 9th to 12th grade, having Person Edexcel curriculum schooling. .. more details
go-school.inEmail : [email protected]Contact : +919179469179

Lily Indira Pichler - Homeschooling parent living in Kolkata

Lily Indira Pichler is a homeschooling parent living in Kolkata, West Bengal, India .. more details

Griha Shiksha Kendra, Bhopal

Griha Shiksha Kendra is an initiative to promote the concept of child led and parents supported learning. .. more details
Address : C-8,Chanakyapuri,Chunabhatti,, Bhopal, India, Madhya Pradesh

Freebird Community and Learning Center, Thane

Community & group for parents in and around Thane city who are seeking alternatives to mainstream schooling and have quest for natural learning. .. more details

Whatsapp Group for Homeschooling in Goa

Whatsapp group for homerschoolers families / homeschooling in Goa .. more details

Homeschooling and Traveling Families in Goa Group on Facebook

Group for Traveling Families, Worldschoolers, Unschoolers, Expat Families and Home Schoolers interested in spending time in Goa, India and Local families interested in connecting with the International community in Goa .. more details

Hyderabad Homeschoolers Whatsapp Group for Homeschooling Parents

Group for sharing and guiding other home schooling parents and also to explore facilitation of regular meets to ease and enrich homeschooling journey. .. more details

India Homeschooling Community Support Groups

There exist nationwide and local groups of homeschoolers for support, networking, connections and organizing co-ops, events and gatherings. .. more details

NIOS Organizational Structure of National Institute of Open Schooling

NIOS structure includes five departments at the headquarter, nineteen regional centers, two sub-regional centers and one cell in various parts of the country. .. more details

Joining School after Homeschooling in India. Will school admit?

Joining School after Homeschooling in India. Will regular school admit child in age appropriate grade? .. more details

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