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Unschooling Lifestyle Consciousness and Practices

Unschooling is a lifestyle choice families make in relation to education, learning and growing of child.

In large part of society, typically schools and schooling culture is perceived as means of education, learning and growing of child.
Unschooling philosophy questions and examines prevalent practices and culture of mainstream schooling, and instead of following such school practices as a rule, unschooling families follow what they perceive potentially more life serving for mindful joyful living in the moment as well as for the future forthe child and family.

Some of the principles, practices, concepts, and consciousness relating to unschooling practiced by unschooling families are,

  1. Learning is natural, constant process and need not be put in compartments of specific subjects, curriculum etc.
    Most unschooling families may not rely on or need predetermined curriculum; with the belief that curriculum can emerge from natural, organic living.
  2. Trusting that children are capable of learning on their own and need not necessarily need proactive teaching for every learning to emerge.
    In other words unschooling parents drop this idea that, "Children won't learn if somebody won't teach."
    Thus scheduled or proactive teaching may not happen in most families.
  3. Shifting from teacher-student, adult-child models of 'Power-over Authorities' to > 'Respectful Partnerships of equals'.
    Unschool living is mutual growing & learning journey of equals, Child+Parent+Family
  4. Trusting and being open, curious, and accepting towards choices of the child, Instead of dictating child what to do.
  5. Empathic engagement, connection, and sharing with children. And seeking to be connected with,
    How are you feeling? What are you experiencing? What are you needing?
  6. More focus on joyful living and the journey of living & growing & learning than mere destinations (like subjects learning, predetermined curriculum, exams, certificates, degrees)
  7. Embracing & trusting that there can be abundant / multiple ways of meetings various needs of living, than following limited conventional strategies of typical School > Exams > Certificate > College > Degree > Job route
    Subjects, Curriculum, Exams, Certificates & Degrees for many unschooling families are optional, and many unschool families or unschoolers may not see or seek them as an obligation.

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Author : Muzaffar Shaikh (Chief Editor, Unschooling parent associated with unschool & homeschooling groups in India and beyond)

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