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Urmila Samson - Long time Indian Unschooling parent from Pune India

Urmila has facilitated unschooling for her 3 children who are grown adults now. Urmila has been major contributing figure in Indian homeschooling community, and also a TedX speaker. .. more details
Address : Naylor Road, Off Mangaldas Road, Pune India - 411001
Visit Web Link  |  Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : 9422330377  | 

Dola Dasgupta

Dola has facilitated unschooling for her 2 children who are teen / young adults now. Dola has been offering support and facilitation to Indian homeschooling community. .. more details
Address : Baner, Pune. India
Visit Web Link  |  Email : [email protected]  | 

Sandhya Viswan - Unschooling parent & influential education facilitator in Bangalore

Sandhya Viswan - Long time unschooling parent & influential education facilitator from Bangalore, India .. more details

Supriya Joshi - Influential Homeschooling Parent and TED Speaker

Supriya Joshi is influential Homeschooling Parent and TED Speaker facilitating programs related to open education and homeschooling. .. more details
Visit Web Link  |  Email : [email protected]  |  Phone : 07666547040  | 

Sulbha Shantwan, Pune India

Sulbha Shantwan, Homeschooling Parent / Sandbox Academy Facilitator in Pune India. .. more details
Address : Pune India
Visit Web Link  |  Phone : 9881730383‬  | 

Azmat Ansari - Facilitator for Homeschooling in Kolkata

Azmat Ansari is tutor and facilitator for Homeschooling in Kolkata, India. Assists homeschool children prepare for NIOS and IGCSE open school certificate exams. .. more details

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