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Homeschooling in Maharashtra

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Pune Homeschoolers Email Google Group

Pune Homeschoolers Email Google Group for homeschooling in Pune. Among oldest homeschool group in Pune .. more details

Muzaffar Shaikh. Unschooling Parent, Author, Creator from Pune India

Muzaffar Shaikh, Unschooling Parent from Pune, India is primary developer, editor, author and promoter of alternative open school and homeschooling resources site withoutschool.org .. more details
Address : NIBM Road, Pune India - 411048
muzaffarshaikh.comEmail : [email protected]Contact : 9822860223

Urmila Samson - Long time Indian Unschooling parent from Pune India

Urmila has facilitated unschooling for her 3 children who are grown adults now. Urmila has been major contributing figure in Indian homeschooling community, and also a TedX speaker. .. more details
Address : Naylor Road, Off Mangaldas Road, Pune India - 411001
facebook > urmila.samsonEmail : [email protected]Contact : 9422330377

Open Learners Collective (OLC)

OLC is children, parents, educators and resource peoples collective to offer facilitation, support and resources for open learning .. more details

Homeschooling Mumbai WhatsApp Group

Homeschooling WhatsApp Group for unschooling, home schooling in Mumbai India .. more details

Pune Progressive Learners WhatsApp Group

Homeschool WhatsApp Group meant to facilitate the links between alternatives educators, which include, people involved in alternative education, unschooling, homeschooling in Pune, India. .. more details
Address : Pune

Dola Dasgupta

Dola has facilitated unschooling for her 2 children who are teen / young adults now. Dola has been offering support and facilitation to Indian homeschooling community. .. more details
Address : Baner, Pune. India

Sandbox Learning Center Pune For Homeschooling Support, Open Learning and Alternative Education

Sandbox Learning Center Pune For Home schooling Support, Open Learning and Alternative Education .. more details
Address : Row House 27, Upper Crest, Mohammedwadi, Pune - 411060
sandboxpune.inEmail : [email protected]Contact : + 91 9325 660 446

Pune Homeschoolers WhatsApp Group for families with child age under 8 Years

Pune Homeschoolers WhatsApp Group is networking group in Pune for Pune homeschooling families with kids age under 8 Years .. more details

Sharmila Govande

Unschooling homeschooling mother from Pune India. Sharmilia has been actively supporting home schooling community in Pune as well as Indian Homeschooling community. .. more details

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